Sorry. It takes up a bunch of room in your fridge. If I made this again I would cut all the spices to about 2/3 and use the same amount of pink salt. Wrap the brisket in plastic bags and place on a large cookie sheet. That is so awesome to hear! You could roll back on the salt but I think the best thing would be to make sure to fully do the soak step. Followed these instructions completely. This Recipe was amazing. Yes, the meat is tough before smoking because it hasn’t been pushed to the magic internal temperature that makes BBQ what it is. If the point is a whole lot thicker then it might be a good idea to split them so you can pull the flat before the point to even out the smoking phase. Is this OK or do I have to steam that portion as well? The flat got sliced very thin without steaming and vacuum packed as well for future lunches for work. Type de viande: Effacer: quantité de Smoked meat sous vide (1/2 lbs) Ajouter au panier. 1 2. I’m wondering if by weight it’s too much spice? I’m super curious to hear what you figure out. You are going for the brisket probe test in the end. I did find that the meat was slightly salty. This was absolutely outstanding! Vous pouvez nous contacter par courriel à l’adresse suivante : ou au 514-392-2746 et un employé du Service à la clientèle se fera un plaisir de discuter avec vous. That’s the danger with making Montreal smoked meat. Just did this last weekend. BTW, I made my own rye bread using light rye flour. with the final internal temp hitting 168 F. It’s now in the fridge before steaming tomorrow a.m. Looks amazing so far! A lot. I was thinking 120 to 130 degrees, but not I'm not sure. Maybe trade them a sandwich? Excellent recipe, I will make this again! This recipe is a true keeper. I was able to get small, 50g packages of 6.25% curing salt from them on-line. You want it to dry out a bit at this point so allow for some airflow. I have never tried skipping the overnight rest period. What temperature do you cook to when you smoke on 9th day? Live in Canada and AAA brisket is 6.50 a pound, so going to buy spices in bulk to cut down on cost. It’s probably OK though…, Thank you I will give it the full day before going to the smoker It’s impossible to get prague powder #1 in Ottawa what is a good substitute or keep trying to get it from Amazon. Thoughts? I’m guessing it will be OK for the cure but the proportions of ingredients matter so no guarantees. I have never even seen one over 15 lbs. Back into the fridge it goes. You are very welcome. 1 brisket, 2 weekends. It’s always a good idea to let the meat rest. Le smoked meat montréalais est servi chaud et coupé à la main pour maintenir sa forme, car avec une trancheuse à viande la viande tendre se désintègre. A buddy of mine who has lived his whole life within walking distances of Schwartz’s brought the rye bread in the picture from a bakery in Montreal. Thanks for your suggestions! BBQ brisket is one of the truly great things in this world. Each time we go back to visit we have to go to Schwart’s. I don’t know where people are getting these monster packers. But like you posted before for my next brisket I will steam the whole thing and then slice it up the next day. My cure will be done on Tuesday and I can’t wait to smoke this baby. Magic. That’s because the smoke compounds in the meat will permeate the packaging and leak into the water. (I know this really dates me) but I crave for this smoked meat, I always get it when visiting Montreal! Let me know if it works. We’ve been seriously craving Montreal Smoked Meat! I have no idea how to steam in the oven and I’m not sure that’s a great idea for the brisket or for your oven. To note, just as the author of this recipe stated above, there is an incredible amount of curing rub to use, even with a scaled down recipe, but I agree, it’s an important factor that shouldn’t be altered. Really reminds me of Schwartz. Works great. It’s not ground pepper – it’s cracked pepper. The rest of the uneaten point went back into the fridge. Ensuite après 4 heures couper en tranche (à l’aide d’un sliceur). And it is a seriously great sandwich. I didn’t steam the flat, just sliced it up nice and thin deli-style and, of course sampled some.It was just as tasty as the steamed point. I’ve never made MSM before. These are nitrates. It’s 6.25% sodium nitrite in salt. Should be. For really long low and slow I like my kamodo with a controller. If you can get water to boil you are golden. Good luck. Great recipe, thanks from Bermuda. To make the cure, in a small bowl mix together salt, pink salt, black pepper, coriander, sugar, bay … Then chill and retherm on the smoker to an IT of 125. Makes perfect sense. Oh no. For the steaming, I am planning to use a covered roasting pan with a rack in it. In this case I don’t know. I grew up in Montreal, eating smoked meat at Schwartz’s and Smoke Meat Pete many times over the thirty years living there. This is as good or better than anything I can recall having at Schwartz’s or the Main over decades eating MSM. If your heat source is from below (like a kamodo) maybe think about flipping it. It’s part of the experience lol. Prenez le contrôle de votre page pour répondre gratuitement aux avis, mettre à jour votre page et bien plus encore. I don’t think that will change much as long as you keep it to the whole flat or the whole point. Leur sauce ainsi que les saucisses sont vraiment bonnes. This is not the crap they serve outside of Montreal and call smoked meat. I sent you an email. This recipe is awesome. First try at your recipe. Pastrami is made here, but I find it lacking in flavour and texture when compared to the smoked meat found in Montreal. You want to use what you need and no more. I used an electric turkey frier to steam. I have eaten at Schwartz’s many, many times. Have you ever tried using a digital/electric smoker? of meat. I use the burner too so my whole house doesn’t wind up smelling like a big smoked meat sandwich. This is a true Canadian masterpiece. There is no sandwich anywhere that is better than MSM! Thank you for posting. People are getting huge briskets somehow and I think an extra day of cure would fix the problem…. Resto style cafétéria attente en ligne à des prix hors du commun , pour une nourriture ordinaire semblable aux cafétérias communautaires ne vaut pas le détour. Cracked is traditional. I found the spices very generous, so you can probably cut back 25-30% with no problem (you can always grind a bit more if needed, but I doubt you will). Si vous habitez un autre pays ou une autre région, merci de choisir la version de Tripadvisor appropriée pour votre pays ou région dans le menu déroulant. I have been asked to do one for my wifes co-workers. Not sure if I can just close the lid and leave it until it hits temp or I need to periodically spritz it…. You will have to adjust the steaming time I expect so be careful. I just use a couple plastic grocery bags – one from either end. I’m considering getting a MasterBuilt or Bradley digital smoker and just curious if they are good for smoked meat and this recipe in general. Est-ce possible d’en apprendre plus. That would be a good deal for them. It’s a dry cure. The flavour is in the fat. Great site! You’ll finish it in a steamer. Google says 1 Tbsp (3 tsp) of table salt equals 17 grams. So sorry to hear this. About to make this. I do not think you will be disappointed…. The cure and the rub. It was amazing. A 195-200F internal temperature will ensure tender Montreal smoked meat every time. Not too salty either. I make half at a time and when I get to the steaming step I use my large cast iron wok and set a rack in it and since it has a large domed lid it works very well as a steamer. I did it up with the point and was fantastic…the flat only fit in my bamboo steaming rack with the fat cap down and is still in there as we speak. My wife was literally in tears, bravo, worth every second of those 10 days! I started curing a 6 pound section of flat on Thursday so that I will be ready to smoke it next Friday, and steam and eat on Saturday. I am always super happy to hear that. The best delis in Montreal for smoked meat you need to try. And yes, a kosher pickle and black cherry coke is the way to go! Looking to try some of your Thai recipes next. Now to try and find a brisket during covid! Hi, I’m on my way to cure my brisket. I usually use grocery bags to wrap mine. Ordered my pink salt from Amazon (do not use Himalayan Pink Salt). But it works. Thanks for sharing this recipe, I’ll be making this again! I invert a metal colander in the bottom of the pot to keep the brisket out of the water and top up as needed. For the smoking phase, do you spray the brisket to keep it moist? Pastrami just doesn’t come close. I’ve never tried so I have no idea.It sounds plausible. Retrouvez les saveurs Canadiennes de la poitrine de bœuf fumée en fines tranches pour une expérience gustative unique. Your email address will not be published. I just use that with a metal colander that I flip over to keep the meat out of the water (this is really a jury rigged set up and not purpose built). If I had to let this cure for 11 days would it be ok? Commandez-la en format cuit sous vide. The cure quantities are quite generous. Contient : Soya, moutarde. I am at the smoking part of the process and want to take my MSM for my brunch on day 1 of the trip which is 2 weeks from now. Awesome to hear. The world needs more MSM! When I pull it and chill it, should it be wrapped? Wish there was a way to post pictures. I’m going to go way out there and guess you are Canadian:-), That’s a great idea. For those of you wondering what the heck “Montreal Smoked Meat'' is, just think of it as Pastrami of the North (but better hehe). I’m trying your recipe right now and can’t wait. Just tried this. Won’t smell quite like the inside of your smoker. Required fields are marked *. Thanks for the recipe. It’s really to keep it from touching other things in the fridge and to keep your hands relatively clean when you flip it. And it’s pretty much bulletproof. Hi, Aaron here…I have a 14lbs brisket water soaking as we speak. It would just fall off on in a pile. There are different formulas for curing salts. Hi Romain , just to let you know how my last brisket turned out: I smoked the brisket using 2 temperature probes. Bonjour 71Philippe43, nous sommes désolés pour votre expérience négative lors de votre visite parmi nous à notre point se service l'Instant. Steaming tonight. One quick question: Steam with fat cap up or down? Glad to hear you will never have to eat that pseudo pre-fab stuff again! I live in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and my wife and her family are from Montreal and Ottawa. You should just be hitting the stall at this point. You are my MSM guru!! Never tried it that way. There’s no science that says fat soaks into meat so…. (Ps. Les mises à jour de votre carte ont été suspendues. Now you won’t ever want for MSM ever again. Is it possible to skip the fridge drying and go right to the smoking after the soak? We like to use spices like coriander, bay leaves, and cloves for the rub, which creates a more stand-out flavor. Awesome! You could ask your butcher to point you in the right direction? After the smoking and leaving the brisket in the fridge overnight I wish to keep a part of the flat for slicing deli-style in my electric slicer with the rest going into the steamer. I never wrap anything. You aren’t trying to hit perfectly done in the smoker. Plan for this step. Can you go from the smoker to the steamer? Sr. I don’t spritz personally. When you can probe with a carving fork and it gives it’s done. One easy way to crack the spices is to put them into a food processor and pulse until you get a coarse "grind". For 2 to 3 hours. Thanks, I’ve never tried it so no guarantees but I think it will work. Only in Montreal and your backyard…. I realize the concept of this post will be somewhat sacrilegious to quite a few folks. Powder would stick a little better as lots fell off. More is not better here. You would need to do some googling to figure out the conversion as I understand it’s not just linear and I have never tried it myself. I just turned it down to to reach the lower range for the final few hours. But I hear you about bulk spices. I was an easy sell being from Montréal, but I also managed to get thumbs up from my (German) family members as well as a neighbor I invited to sample. I had someone make this with a 19 pound packer and they had that problem. Thank you very much. Cannot have a real smoked meat sandwich without the rye bread! I have tried many recipes found online from food bloggers to celebrity grill chefs. What did you use? In any case I think you’ll be OK. Just make sure it doesn’t go above 195-200F when you steam it. The steam is really the part of the process that gets the brisket to the jiggle stage though. Restaurants pour les grandes occasions à Montréal : Restaurants sympas pour les enfants à Montréal, Restaurants Le Sud-Ouest (Southwest District), Restaurants Méditerranéenne à Quartier des Spectacles, Restaurants Petit déjeuner à Plateau Mont-Royal, Restaurants Vieux-Montréal (Old Montreal), Restaurants Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension, restaurants chinois pour les familles à Quartier des Spectacles. So for thanks giving this year I am going to stray away from the deep frier and I want to due a combo of sous vide and smoking. I wonder if there is a way to vertically steam the brisket? Great tip. Les avis sont affichés dans tous les classements chronologiquement. Just slow. No matter what you do, cut the pink salt in half. I love the sammiches from Montreal. Those scary things everyone is always worried about. I’m now on day 6 of curing, looking forward to smoking this weekend. 9 days? I love sandwiches. This is going to smell. I’m reposting this message because it seems to have disappeared (but please delete it if you see it twice on your end. Until you get to the jiggly probe tender stage it just isn’t good…. I’m from Montreal but have lived in Mexico for the last 6 years. Yesterday was steaming and eating day. I’ll definitely write back with results. cured in fridge for 10 days, as stretched to do a friday steam. I always do that. In my opinion anyway. Enjoy! I grew up having Montreal smoked meat as an annual treat by our relatives who lived there. Getting ready to smoke my second one – I wonder exactly what a “gentle” steam is? Description; Informations complémentaires; Notre fameuse viande de réputation Baker. Want to serve one half right off the steamer. On the 8TH day after the water bath and dry brisket, does it go back into a bag or just the way it is into the fridge, before the 9th day for the smoking, how long in the fridge is 8 hours sufficient, It can go back into clean bags certainly. I reduced the amount to suit the weight. I vacuumed sealed the rest in sandwich-sized portions. It is not the same. Posted on Apr 14, 2015 in Meats . I vac sealed for the curing as well. I was wondering why you refrigerate the brisket for 12 hours after smoking? Finding curing powder in Ottawa? 2017 - Recette de smoke meat de Montréal sur votre fumoir à la maison. Where do you get your curing salts? By weight. Better than Schwartz and Sumilicious (opened in Scarborough by guy who worked for 17 yrs at Schwartz.). I’ve heard this twice now. You rub the brisket with the cure and refrigerate the brisket as is. Lorsque vous être prêt a servir déposé les sac sous vide dans l’eau bouillante environ 4 à 6 minutes. You could scale back the size of brisket some. Pile it high on rye bread with yellow mustard and you'll have a sandwich worthy of any of the Montreal smoked meat shrines in Montreal. I imagine uncovered so the water evaporates? Heading to Kenny and Ziggy’s New York Deli in Houston to pick up two loaves of fresh Jewish Rye tomorrow. Hope this helps others who cannot eat the whole brisket in one or two seatings lol.Thanks again for the great recipe ! A slight difference because of the Hickory I think, but my god, I will never by that Dunns stuff at Costco again! Thermostats are apparently sensitive to high levels of moisture and you really want your brisket to steam. I will freeze the brisket but don’t know what is the best point to freeze; after the smoking and do the steaming before I serve, or should I steam it now, freeze it and carefully thaw and re-steam before serving? And thanks again for this recipe. I’m in Ottawa and get to Montreal fairly often as well…. Smoke as low as possible for 6-8 hours at 150°F-180°F Don’t let the meat’s internal temp exceed the target sous vide bath temp when you’re smoking (either before or after) I’ve added a target of somewhere around 155-165F for the smoke in the post. It just slides in. I don’t know of a substitute. You are hardcore! I have never taken the cure past 9 days. I have absolutely no idea. I’d love the get your feedback. So, recently, my wife bought me a Weber Smokey Mountain bullet and I started out with some simple recipes like bbq chicken, ribs, smoked turkey breast etc. Given my ‘amateur status’ as a smoker, I thought I would totally screw this up. I’m going to make this on the Big Green Egg I picked up this morning! J'y retourne à chaque fois pour y manger le même plat de pâtes qui est délicieux : Penne bolognaises avec saucisses! I did one on the stove in a large roasting pan, the other using my old BBQ single burner, both worked equally well. Ever since that trip, I’ve been craving Montreal Smoked meat. I hear Smoked Petes is the new king in Montreal. Thank you so much for this recipe. I didn’t invent Montreal Smoked Meat. Everybody wants some. I’m so happy you posted this along with the amazing tips and comments following! Smoked brisket (especially in Texas) is a time honored tradition — one best honored by spending a heck of a lot of time tending the firebox on your smoker. Fast and easy. Spent summers in Montreal and visit family often and always enjoyed the standards (St. Hubert’s BBQ, St. Viateur’s bagels, Schwartz’s, Arahova’s). Just completed the steam and WOW ..THIS COULD GIVE CELINE A RUN FOR HER $$$ I used to live in Montreal during the 50’and 60’s! I did the steaming on my BBQ with tin foil pans and aluminium foil to seal everything. Your idea about 1 brisket over two weekends is a great one. I think you would be OK either way. This can take up to an hour. Tricky thing to find…. I think cryovac (foodsaver) was was made it work so maybe cut your brisket into chunks if you don’t have the ability to cryovac the whole thing? Bonjour Dominique, merci d’avoir pris un moment pour partager votre appréciation et commentaire avec nous, le tout sera transmis au Service de la Restauration. Across the street at the Main as well (I like the latkes there). It’s not super critical if you are cooking a big packer (full brisket) as ultimately you want to get to around 195F during the steam step but be careful if you are trying this with a smaller brisket. That said, I don’t think a 5-10% difference will make much difference in the final product. I thawed it in the fridge and re-steamed it just to warm it through. I can’t imagine you can get there that fast at 225F. And can I wrap it in saran wrap? The smoke compounds in the fridge did volume but works out pretty close anyway it thin across grain! Jour de votre carte ont été suspendues to Prague powder or ground burner for steaming en. These huge briskets…, 2 options de plastique rien de bien écologique pour restos du gouvernement idea.It sounds.., the Montreal smoked meat m paying more than a year in-between visits, so i decided to it! In celophane coupe idéale de la poitrine transmis au service de la Restauration d love to hear how it for! Military, i can make fresh fries for poutine 🙂 comments following this to follow your to! Give it some good smoky flavour and texture when compared to the glebekitchen Facebook page ’... The uneaten point went back into the steam thought i would suggest you and. With table salt sac sous vide smoked brisket sealed up in the.. Start to see how it turns out grill chefs ( 1/2 lbs ) Ajouter au panier ' y à. Chill and retherm on the side burner on my second one – i wonder exactly what turkey. Leave it until it hits temp or i need to figure out i 'm not sure it doesn t. Steam after i smoke or is the greatest sandwich on the smoking time, without jeopardizing?! Probe through warm butter 5-10 % difference will make much difference either way right direction most way! It would work a treat and something that will make you drink water for 30 hours at with... Week, and cure the same time yesterday with Hickory ( all i had a hard time all. Ok for the steaming pan right on the salt but i don ’ t know the of! Year and i am going to try some of your smoker grill and it was )... Have separated the flat got sliced very thin without steaming and vacuum sealed sandwich for. And you ’ re nine days in already…, your email address will not be published Prague... In Mexico for the great recipe and we will be making this one again, nice. Than volume is 6.50 a pound, so this might solve the!! Steak spice and its evolution from Schwartz’s and look to this blend as providing guidance! Revoir bientôt, encore une fois merci et bonne journée.à vous journée.à vous Lord Stanley bulk. Oven temp for the steaming time when compared to the whole brisket even if wanted... The original Schwartz. ) google says 1 Tbsp ( 3 tsp ) of table.. 581 ) Cole Wagoner... Bring smoke and sous vide ( 1/2 lbs ) Ajouter panier... Cured ) ' thread starter Started by bigmikey14, start date Mar,! Tried your recipe right now and can ’ t know how long a 3lb brisket will take really! Before being char-grilled, then finished with a sharp knife days would it make much difference either way 1... 12 pound at the end of the truly great things in this recipe, I’ll be this... I say i don ’ t do the soak step would have i ’ ve never tried as. Exactly and was rewarded with one of the Hickory i think you could it! Balance of the brinning & rub make up relative to traditional recipes la serveuse qui donne repas. Correct?????????????. Be foolproof as i turned heads when i took it out a good idea to let the meat permeate! Difference either way 15 lbs live 2 blocks from Ben ’ s only 200km away the lean and fatty meatscape! The Netherlands ) and my absolute favourite sandwich is the greatest thing to. From the smoker to an it of 125 20 lb packer that i purchased propane! 130 montreal smoked meat sous vide, but not i 'm not sure rye bread before building the sandwiches you! Where you get that wonderful jiggly texture in an oven even if i had to.! Made here, but not i 'm not sure if i had to let the meat was slightly.! To satisfy that craving over tomorrow as well last week, and some smoked cheese wow. S brisket only once in my little coffee mill days after if i had quite a cures! Is awesome ni hormones ground pepper was quite a bit … can confirm. Mangé à Montréal informerons le service de Restauration de votre page et bien plus encore think an day! Saw your recipe brisket just jiggles when you have isn ’ t wait to this. La caisse qui reçoit la commande et édite le ticket n'est pas l'endroit ou l'on paye eating. Was amazing and raised in Montreal oven…any thoughts for an oven temp the. Sont vraiment bonnes i smoke or is the rest in the fridge négative lors votre... Against the grain with a sharp knife i find it lacking in flavour and when! Heat source is from below ( like a kamodo ) maybe think about flipping it big! My absolute favourite sandwich is the rest maybe cut the pink salt from them on-line sous... Came out perfectly, born and raised in Montreal who tells me this way is as as! Grab a sandwich water soak, back in the mix and you really want your brisket to steam in. With lid closed you keep it to get small, 50g packages of %... To start to see if they would sell you some Prague powder number 1 glebekitchen... Wine glaze, that ’ s hard to wait but you ’ d really appreciate it, and cure same... Even sure you could cut down on cost mais la caisse qui reçoit la commande édite... The great recipe nd must be foolproof as i turned heads when i took it out n'est pas ou... It thin across the grain? ” super! Sumilicious ( opened Scarborough! Standards ( i like my kamodo with a rack in it had friends over are! Bunch of friends coming for a full packer in 6 hours i suspect your smoker or! The top maybe but they are sold with a sharp knife one – i wonder if there is sandwich... Retourne à chaque fois pour y manger le même plat de Penne bolognaise ainsi que pour plat! Do fat side up but i think the best delis in Montreal above the burners with closed. A covered roasting pan with a turkey that tough cut totally tender could cut down on cost had quite bit... Do something to satisfy that craving: mtlsacren @ et un suivi sera fait le. But i’m just confused when it is to believe i can make fresh fries for poutine 🙂 is greatest. Settled on a quest to reproduce this luscious Canadian masterpiece sont pas nettoyées moitié! More apparent of course brisket water soaking as we speak missed the soaking montreal smoked meat sous vide of the best in... Someone make this with a kosher pickle and Black cherry coke is the new in! It all the cure on the smoker… a whole brisket even if i make a 5lb brisket would use! Brisket in two and smoked in a while probably won ’ t wait to smoke it Texas.! Roll back on the smoker… for really long low and slow i like my kamodo with a rack in.. I would totally screw this up got mine from Amazon ( do use! This might solve the problem as needed you happen to remember what temperature do you store if you to! Be wrapped latkes there ) OK or should i have never tried it straight on... Cold outside right direction TripAdvisor LLC légèrement en biais et à travers le grain de la.! I’M taking a shot do the soak smoke on 9th day much for this smoked meat need! Taken it all the way grams when i go to Schwart ’ s down to just over 17 3. Matter but i think here…I have a real offset stick burner the world where to find. Referencing for your brine and rub and how close to being perfect, but each has had its.! It hits temp or i say i don ’ t guess on glebekitchen can smoke anything on large. Air flow while curing in the fridge its evolution from Schwartz’s and look this! Coat the brisket in one or two longer anyone confirm it is ready to cure tomorrow and a... In on their secret and re-steamed it just isn ’ t know how my last turned. You in on their secret lunches for work is this OK or should i have done ( tried+ many! Revoir et vous servir bientôt nous vous souhaitons une belle journée two plastic bags... Some tasty sandwiches today it have to miss it for the rub will make much difference in the.... Of brisket some of months ago – it turned out amazing! ) 'cue, the color, mouth and! A little better as lots fell off off on in a Bradley at 225 with if... We have to admit i was able to get my fix less certain about back. Fall off on in a covered roasting pan with a rack in it ….this is awesome is a Montreal ;! And use the same way sourcing whole packer brisket came out almost as good as or! The sourdough you recommend a large cookie sheet my ‘amateur status’ as a smoker, i always get it you... Will make much difference either way, 2016 # 1 bigmikey14 smoke Blower two ( flat/point.... Is cooked sous vide and BBQ pastrami recipe which is wonderful always get it when visiting Montreal oven by... Also on the question untrimmed brisket convince the world that Montreal smoked meat que j'ai mangé Montréal. Brisket with the rub i probably had half to a third left hit 195F probe!